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Measuring Blood glucose levels


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I have been monitoring my blood glucose and tonight is the first night I have had a anomaly. It's usually in the 75-100 range  two or so hours after a meal. Tonight it was 64. Is this anything to worry about ?


I know there have been a few discussions on here about becoming hyperglycemic . So I am looking for some people who are monitoring there's as well or have knowledge on the matter.



Thanks in advance


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At what point did you take this?


Before meal?  After meal?  If after, how soon after and what dos you eat ?


This was a coupe hours after a meal before bed. So 3 ish hours after eating.


I mainly eat chicken and rice . Veggies and fruit . In every meal. It's a boring diet but it's all I can tolerate .


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I wouldn't worry about your blood sugar unless it goes below 50 mg/dl. Hypoglycemia in someone who is not on diabetic medications is actually quite rare. You might feel a rapid fall in blood sugar, such as one from 200 to 70, but most "hypoglycemia" is actually something else other than true low blood sugar.


A blood sugar level of 75-100 in that time frame is not bad at all. I'm not sure why you are measuring? The two most important measures that you want to take are 1) Fasting--first thing on rising in the morning, before you have ingested anything, including coffee, and 2) Post-prandial, which is best taken 45 minutes to 1 hour after a meal.


The post-prandial reading will tell you how the meal is affecting your blood sugar, and anything above 140 mg/dl is not good, especially over 200 (very bad!). If you do this over time, you will see how different meals and carb amounts can have a strong effect on blood sugar.


The fasting reading should be below 100, and better yet, in the 60s or 70s. For those not on diabetes medication, keeping the blood sugar as low as possible at all times is most desirable. This is directly related to how strong your blood glucose system is (pancreas, insulin etc...) , the amount and type of carbs you eat, and how much exercise you get.

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