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Anyone take Urogesic Blue for I.C.?


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I was prescribed this today. Although I've been feeling better lately, I have been in an interstitial cystitis flare since June.  Urogesic Blue has an antispasmodic in it so a little paranoid.  https://www.drugs.com/pro/urogesic-blue.html





urologists are also prescribing low dose valium as vaginal suppositories for I.C. and vulvodinia.  I'm staying away from that.

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I have had IC for 25 years

Guess why I had a Valium problem? Dr Moldwin in New York prescribes Valium for his IC patients

Ruined me 25 years later

Stay away from any of the meds

Try Matia Brizman at boma med she does phone consults and specializes in interstitial cystitis

I forget if u are off benzo?

Elmiron saved me so did ozone therapy

Theories are it could be Lyme or whatever who knows

Something has my immune system challenged and the reuse of benzos didn't help

I wouldn't take any presciptions and try to focus on relaxation and meditation and look into a book called Unlearn Your Pain by dr Howard Schubiner

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I got very sick on Elmiron - you are lucky you can take it.  I'm afraid of it.  It did help reduce my bladder pain almost immediately.  Yes, Dr. Whitmore wanted to RX vaginal suppository valium and bristled when I tried to explain why I can't take it.  Instead she RXd generic Soma which I won't take until I'm done with the taper. 


I'm in alot of pain.  Azo does't work and - the other OTC is OK but not very effective either.  The vulvadynia is pretty severe, too. I'm desperate -- so far no side effects  http://www.pdr.net/drug-summary/urogesic-blue?druglabelid=2608

but she also recommended Bladder Ease which she said was as good as Elmiron but I'm a bit afraid of the ingredients http://www.camformulas.com/Bladder-Ease-180-vcaps-by-Vitanica-p/vitani-1005.htm?utm_content=Vitanica&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=pla&utm_campaign=BingPLA,%20BingPLA&utm_term=bladder-ease-180-vegetarian-capsules-by-vitanica  so I might wait until I'm done tapering.  The I.C. diet is so restrictive and labor-intensive.  I get so depressed eating that way, too.  Thanks for your response.  WBB

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I am sorry you are struggling

Lucky you can see whitmore

I think the Cns is dysregulated and it hits our weak point

I am not on elmiron now just dealing w ic pain here and there- not in remission like before

Elavil can help w pain too and taper

I was put on remeron

What is .75 equivalent in Valium?

Once our nervous system heals maybe other meds will be ok

It sucks bad

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Worth trying bladder ease and see?

Elavil helped me and once flare died down I got off quickly

Then again i wasn't in wothdrawal as I am now


If u want to pm me for more info Lmk we can talk!

Matia Brizman her whole practice is ic patients

Look into the book too very helpful and vulvodynia and ic are in there

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You know - that's a very good question.  What is .75 Lunesta equivalent to Valium.  Ashton says 3mg Lunesta equals 10mg Valium and i think the suppository is 2mg Valium.  I'm going to find out.  It's a weird way to cross over since I am not sure how much V actually gets into the bloodstream but it might be worth a try to see if it helps down there. I'll look up Brizman.  I am leary of docs.  Larrian Gillespie almost killed me. WBB
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I started IC flares since being put on benzos.  I take Desert Harvest aloe vera caps and it helps keep the pain and burning down.  I take 4-5 caps a day for maintenance but, 8-10 if it flares.  Not sure how it works but, is very soothing.  Hope you both feel better.
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Don't do the supoository of Valium!! Not while on taper not worth it

I would never ever use Valium to treat as I did for year. It set me up for the worst experience and cold turkey ever not even using Ativan daily I had been sensitized from 25 years prior

Matia is not a doctor but an acupuncturist

It can't hurt. It may not help but I don't think it can hurt however bc you are on Lunesta maybe wait? Idk.

It seems you are on a small amount How much longer until you are off?

Have u tried Elavil?

Helped me immensely w Vulvo pain several years ago

I would prefer it to benzo withdrawal any day. Can't believe I am saying that but I have never felt as scared as in benzo withdrawal and as debilitated

Granted I am having a bad day w pneumonia was doing ok nearing end of taper somewhat


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Burned Out -- yes I'm on Desert harvest aloe , too but will take more.  Thnx for remiding

Jackson 1 - yes- I'm too chicken to play around with the Valium.


Well,  I felt like hell on the Urogesic Blue  after a few days-- I switched from the samples to the RX and this morning felt terrible with low BP - may be stronger in RX.  I was only taking 1/2 dose, too. I think the antispasmodic in it may be similar to a muscle relaxer which means the Soma is out, too.  I hope it is the med that is making me soo ill, otherwise I have no idea.


Back to the cardboard diet. :(  WBB


I took Elavil for years - years ago and I guess swtched to a benzo at some point.  WHen I tried Elavil again recently, I also felt terrible on it and wanted to eat all the time.  I read somewhere that it can actually cause I.C. which was the opposite of most things I've read.  So I'm wondering if it caused the I.C. for me. 

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I don't think it caused ic

I think the benzo w/d for me dysregulated things so badly plus a bad steroid reaction that whatever Med I tried my nervous system became amped up

It was the shock from steroids for me

Elavil helps w nerve stuff but ultimately off benzos and healing I think you will heal

Try to do amygdala retraining I think they are onto something

My ic comes and goes these days... It will go. I am eating a lot of oranges right now and never even noticed a connection between diet and ic to be honest.. That's just me.

I wonder if there is an underlying bug or virus.. My ic started after intestinal parasites

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