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1BoringOldMan's Summer Reading List: More evidence of drug company collusion


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Just love this psychiatrist and his stance on polypharmacy and the duplicity of drug companies.  Systematically exposing their deception, collusion and crimes, one study at a time.





From the abstract:  "The relationships among academe, publishing, and industry can facilitate commercial bias in how drug efficacy and safety data are obtained, interpreted, and presented to regulatory bodies and prescribers."


This has been known since Peter Breggan wrote Toxic Psychiatry twenty years ago and revealed, among other outrages, the lies and deception used to obtain FDA approval for Xanax, a drug that poisoned, tortured and enslaved hundreds of thousands if not millions of people worldwide and continues to do so.


Although studies revealing "commercial bias" are always welcome, the real solution to our problem can be found in the U.S. civil rights movement, which started at a Woolworth store lunch counter in Greensboro NC in 1960.  At the time there was no legislative or legal remedy to discrimination.  Think about it.  Just four young men insisting to be served at a lunch counter.  How about four victims of benzos refusing to leave the waiting room of a pusher?  How about four victims of benzos sitting in front of a big-chain pharmacy displaying "informational" signage?  How about this being done in a hundred, no...a thousand...U.S. locations simultaneously? 




Think big.


This is all "settled science."  What's next?



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