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ARCHIE PANJABI and her dog named "Benzo"


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From People Magazine:




Playing tough-as-nails investigator Kalinda Sharma, the British actress, 37, has become the new hit CBS drama's breakout star


EVER CAUSE ANY TROUBLE ON SET? Julianna [Margulies] is very good at accents, so we go off and play these British characters from Manchester. We end up in hysterics. We work long hours, so it's nice to see the crew laugh.


ANY SIMILARITIES BETWEEN YOU AND KALINDA? She likes to have a bit of fun, and I'm quite mischievous too.


WHAT HELPS YOU GET INTO CHARACTER? Her Via Spiga knee-high boots. She has a certain energy when she puts them on.


MISS ANYTHING ABOUT ENGLAND? My dog Benzo. I'm trying to get him here because he would love it. He's named after benzodiazepine, an antidepressant. A friend of mine called their dog that, and I thought it was a great idea.


What an ignoranus.

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