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Knackered Looks to Both Yin and Yang for Help with Benzos




Knackered Looks to Both Yin and Yang for Help with Benzos

   Hey there, Knackered here.  While I’ve often said that watching or obsessing about the news can lead to emotional distress with everything else going on in the Benzo psyche, something noteworthy occurred in Mexico yesterday.  You may have noticed that Claudia Sheinbaum, a Jewish, US educated scientist was elected as the first female President in the history of the country.

   This is quite the deal, in light of the fact that the country is dominated by male domestic violence and predominantly Catholic. Her success or failure in this role will depend upon her ability to deal with extensive gang and political murder rates and a nation predominated by misogyny.  Knowing that political discussions are not in line with  BB member policies, and that gender roles in authority are controversial,  I’ll say just one more thing in regard to this event:  By god, it’s about time.

   The concept of Yin and Yang evolved through Chinese thought and applies to the natural world, of which we are members.  The round symbol that displays both signifies that while they are separate, they are at the same time equal parts of the whole.  The Yang typifies traditionally the male qualities while the Yin relates to the female.  The concept can get a bit awkward when contemporary thought ties personal choice to gender identification.

   Nonetheless, the aspects of both are within the make up of all humans and are necessary for the success or failure of interactions.  As a teacher of young children, I’ve been in a traditionally female dominated profession. Yet the leadership and emphatic aspects of the women I have worked with have shown me the importance of both qualities.  Likewise, the men I’ve known as  colleagues, have been equally successful in carrying out both the Yang and Yin of their subsequent roles.

   Sadly, the male psychiatrists and practitioners for whom I’ve been a patient (four in all) have been overly authoritative and direct in their insistence of controlling my taper and refusing to allow my input.  It has not turned out well.  Fortunately, the male CEO who has advocated on my behalf has displayed both leadership and compassion in allowing me to seek other providers who might  better accommodate my needs in regard to Benzo tapering.  Additionally, my female therapist and medical provider both display the understanding and empathy needed to calm and advise.  It takes both the Yin and Yang of the organic, natural whole to equalize the ongoing evolution of the species. Let’s hope that more countries around the world can figure this out before it’s too late.




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