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Dr. Reg Peart Died Today=RIP


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I received and e-mail a few minutes ago regarding Dr. Peart.


A few weeks ago Dr. Reg Peart was diagnosed with liver and bone cancer.  He passed away today in the afternoon.


For those of you who do not know who Dr. Peart is, he was instrumental in bringing the benzo withdrawal problem to light many years ago.


If anyone would like to send cards to his family I also received this address:


Family of Dr. Reg Peart

    c/o Val and Steven Bell

    132 Edgerly  Park

    Farley Green

    Albury Surrey




RIP Dr. Peart



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I understand that his illness was only diagnosed within the past week or so. Our paths never passed. I guess because he tended to concentrate on the political stuff, and compiling data and information, trying to change the status quo; while I've concentrated my (somewhat limited) efforts on personal withdrawal support (this forum). There are few like Reg Peart that are capable and willing to put in the kind of efforts required to raise awareness and change the system. He will be missed by very many people, I'm sure.


Reg Peart's website.

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Mark Peart (Reg Peart's son) has requested that anyone that wishes to send a condolence card, to send them here:


Mark Peart

Cherry Tree Cottage

Cloatley End



Wiltshire, UK

SN16 9LH


Mark has also asked to know if anyone is intending to attend the funeral (I'll post details when I have them).


You can also send e-mail condolences to Mark. To save his address being picked up by e-mail address harvesters, I've posted Mark's e-mail address on the Contact the Moderation Team board (a members-only board): http://www.benzobuddies.org/forum/index.php?topic=15300.0



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I've received the funeral details from from Mark Peart (Reg Peart's son):


The Funeral Service for Dr Reginald Peart will be held on Tuesday 13th October at Bournemouth

Crematorium for 2.30 pm.  All are welcome. Family flowers only please and donations, if desired, to

support the continuation of Dad's Benzo Archive, may be sent to Mark Peart, Cherry Tree Cottage,

Hankerton, Malmesbury, Wiltshire, UK, SN16 9LH. Tel: 01666 860129.

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