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Michael Jackson and benzos


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I just found this article..




Makes me soooo angry how these drugs are overprescribed and deeply misunderstood. No matter what your thought are on Michael Jackson, it is another example of the devestating effects of benzos. :-[

I lost 3 friends to drugs and alcohol, and there are so many examples of prescription drugs being misused, overprescribed, uggghhhh....what is to be done?

Wishing everyone well.

"Keep the faith'


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good article

i like these quotes from it.


"People who have not been directly affected sometimes find this devastation difficult to fathom and may blame it on 'other psychological issues'."



"It is more difficult to withdraw people from benzodiazepines than it is from heroin."


i have never been addicted to heroin but while in detox the heroin users who had been there before for benzos said benzos were much much harder to kick than heroin. heroin was an easy ride compared to benzos.  >:(

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When I read the articles of all the meds he was taking, and to think he had to resort to anethesia to get some sleep, I could only imagine that hell it must have been for him.  He was said to be taking 20mg Xanax daily.  If you've reached that kind of tolerance, you've got to be in misery.  I can't believe how he was able to function.


I think this all started with that Pepsi commercial burn incident where he got started on pain-killers.  I speculate that he got hooked on those, and the rest was a drug avalanche that must have made his life miserable.


I do feel real sorry for him.  All that fame and fortune, and supposedly access to the best medicine money could buy, and he still ended up in that situation.

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I sure agree on that Hopeful.

I saw his new release I just sat there and thought what suffering he must have endured. The lights, the noise, the pyrotecs

the flying thru the air all of it had to be a nightmare for him. I just do not know how he stood there even with his sunglasses and sang and danced with all that noise and everything.


He really must have been suffering I cannot imagine that much xanex and functioning or even being able to talk.

I realize he did it to himself in some ways but what a huge downhill snowball that just kept rolling down....

I really blame the Dr's and all the greedy people who become enablers for these famous people..


I do understand free will in all this and so he was so tragic and so talented and now he is just sadly gone.






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