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Advice plz. about what to do...


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I am following the Ashton Manuel Schedule 3 Withdrawal from Ativan with Valium substitution.


As a side-note, for the mid-day dose, I never took 2 mg Ativan, only 1 mg, so in that regard my schedule is a bit different.


Currently, I am at Stage 5, and my current dosing is as follows:


Wake: 1.5 mg Ativan and 5 mg Valium

Mid-day: .5 mg Ativan and 5 mg Valium

Sleep: 20 mg Valium


My question regards the schedule's call to begin cutting at this stage.


I have been tolerating the Valium very well, and I would like to continue taking away Ativan and substituting it for Valium, as opposed to beginning tapering in the coming week.


Why does the schedule not call for a complete cross-over to Valium pre-taper?


Do any of you see any complications or issues that would suggest I stick with the schedule as-is, because I would like to continue switching the Ativan out for Valium.





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Hi Juice,


Personally, I don't see any problem with finishing your crossover before you begin tapering. Maybe I'm clueless about this, as I didn't do a crossover, but I thought that is what you are supposed to do.


If you are doing well, by all means finish crossing first!   

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"Some dosage reduction occurs during the later stages of the diazepam switchover (Stages 6-11), so these stages could be undertaken at two week intervals. Even at reducing doses, the diazepam should cover withdrawal from lorazepam, because by this time it has had time to work through the body and will be acting smoothly both day and night. The aim is to obtain a dose of diazepam which avoids withdrawal symptoms but is not so great as to make you sleepy."




I dont see a reason you cant crossover completely as long as your feeling ok and not feel overly sleepy.


Amanda  :smitten:

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There are two good reasons - that I can think of - for not completely crossing over to Valium before starting your taper: it adds to the overall length of your taper off benzos; and you might end up on a dose of Valium that your doctor might be unwilling to prescribe.


I didn't substitute for Valium, but if I was to do it now, I think I'd probably follow Prof. Ashton's advice/schedule. However, it is important to realise that Prof. Ashton's schedules are just samples and guidelines, not rules! You should try to work out a schedule that suits your needs and that your doctor will support. After all, if your doctor will not write the prescription you need, things become very difficult.

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