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romantic relationships?


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hey buddies,


i have been off for a while, and have good and bad days still. however, i met a girl during w/d that was too good to be true, so i took it and ran. she has been supportive through the good and bad, and we have an awesome relationship.


my question is this....we have been talking and seeing each other very regularly. i have felt one way about her since the beginning, but all of the sudden, with the arise of some small issues we have been discussing, she started to feel very distant and not familiar to me. oddly enough though, i have noticed an increase in my symptoms the last few days, and i did not know if i should attribute some of the feeling to a little d/p and d/r versus falling out of love with someone. the last few days have just been a headache from a health stand point, so i feel like it is not crazy to think i wouldnt be able to get in touch w my emotions towards her.


i should also add that i feel like i have started a pretty abnormal wave of depression the last few days. i have very little energy, and my mood has gone south quite a bit.


i noticed something that is bothering quite a bit w things toward her....i was looking through some pictures of her online, and sort of felt disconnected from the image. where as in the past i have always felt emotionally involved to the image of her face. i sort of feel the same way to images of my own face, or my family as well......does this sounds like a w/d side effect?


has anyone else had issues with relationships in w/d? any insight would be appreciated. its a scary feeling to feel "distant" from someone you have felt close to for many months.



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Relationships have troubles even without having to coping with withdrawal. I am just preparing to start my taper and my wife has been very supportive but we have not been through the worst yet, though I know she will walk thru this with me. The one foundational truth I know is we share our faith in the Lord and without Him we would not be together. Its crucial to know someone's heart and how they really feel about you. I don't know how you work things out with her and cope with your symptoms unless your sure she understands and will stick it out. I know we can't control how people feel or respond to us but its hard not to fall for someone especailly when your support needs are high. Can you talk to her and be open and ask her to do the same? You'll have to be prepared for the answer...whatever that is. I know for me that Jesus is a friend who is closer than a brother and I would be lost without that relationship.


Many blessings

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