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Advice on whether to stick or updose?


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So having been on benzos 11 years and tried to get off a number of times, I did the crossover to Valium in June and have been titering down. Believe me, I get that it's bad to updose and re-sensitizes your neurotransmitters making it more difficult the next time, right? Probably part of my problem. I'm currently working on my doc to switch me to liquid Valium so I can go slower in future.


On 9/27, I cut 7.5 to 7 mg. Then 10/21 to 6.5 mg. All was fine so I cut another .5 mg to 6 mg on 10/28 and all was still fine for two weeks. Then, the last two weeks with no cuts it seems to have seriously caught up with me. Super weak, akathesia, brain fog. Today I'm weepy and have more anxiety than I've had since starting my June taper at 17.5 mg Valium. Just feels like a continued downward spiral in spite of no more cuts.


I want to stick it out here at this dose, but I'm pretty non-functional. I guess I'd like to hear some reassurance from people (especially long-time benzo users who have tried to taper in the past) that have had some positive and successful experiences where they actually stabilized to some degree by waiting out bad symptoms. How the heck do you know if you're just in purgatory forever because you maybe titered too fast and didn't know it at the time? I think I'll go read some of those inspiration posts now...

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Hi there,


I did a crossover from Clonazepam to Diazepam.  I was a long term user - since my teens (prescribed for nerves over school, etc).  Never knew it should only be prescribed short term.


I hit a major wall once down to 8mgs and then again at 5mgs.  The one at 5mgs was horrendous and I was stuck in the same position as you...updose or not?  I did not.  I decided to stay there for an additional week or two until things became more manageable.  Things were far from perfect, but I could function a big better.  Then I slowed things down a bit and instead of making 1mg cuts I switched to .5mg cuts.  That agreed with me much better and to be honest the rest of my taper was "okay".  I felt I got some mini breaks towards the end.


In the end, do what feels right, but I found I never heard of many people having great success with updosing (although I'm sure some people benefited from it)...which is why I just held longer.


Take care and keep us posted!  All the best...you're getting close!



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Thanks so much Schatje,


This is just what I needed to hear today. I hit a major wall at 8 mg too! And another one here at 6 mg. My plan is to switch to .25 mg cuts since obviously .5 mg is rough. I am going to commit to at least two more weeks at this dose before I do anything differently. It is SO great to hear that after hitting a wall and slowing your taper things went relatively peacefully for you.


It's just hard, as you all know, in the moment to moment of feeling like death warmed over, particularly when it's difficult to distract yourself with such low physical and mental energy. It may be time for a mindless chick flick marathon! I am just so sick of being a burden to my family. I guess the good news is that my two teens are highly unlikely to mess around with drugs after watching this nightmare.

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Ashton says cuts can be held for a week or two. Have you considered holding each cut for a couple weeks before the next cut?  Also are you planning on continuing @ .5?  I ask only because although the cut stays the same, the percentage doesn't.  Here's a breakdown of the percentage cuts from 10 mg V to 0 mg @ .5 mg per cut.


10 mg

9.5 mg 5%

9 mg 6%

8.5 mg 6%

8 mg 6%

7.5 mg 7%

7 mg 7%

6.5 mg 8%

6 mg 8%

5.5 mg 9%

5 mg 10%

4.5 mg 11%

4 mg 13%

3.5 mg 14%

3 mg 17%

2.5 mg 20%

2 mg 25%

1.5 mg 33%

1 mg 50%

0.5 mg 100%


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I'm tapering from clonazepam. I was feeling manageable symptoms until I got to .5, then the bottom fell out. It lasted for weeks and weeks. I started to think I was in tolerance w/ds..but then, I started to feel better and better. I think, for some reason, all the cuts seem to catch up with you. It can take several weeks to get stabilized. I have a feeling that's what's happening to you. I agree with you idea to wait for two weeks. I think you'll find that you start to feel better.


I'm a firm believer in letting our bodies guide us...and I think your body is saying...."Wait...I need to catch up!"


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