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help for sister--


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Just started a crossover from .5 Xanax to Valium so today had my sister take .25 Xanax and tonight 5 mg Valium


This is the first day and she is really struggling--breathing stuff and feeling messed up (says she cant describe it)  She is on other drugs too and really I dont think she was stable on the xanax anyway as she cut .5 the week before.  I had to work to get her to agree to the taper and not just another .25 cut.


Is this to be expected so soon--will it stabilize? 


I also posted this to the substitiution taper forum--any help would be appreciated.


She is

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One thing about benzos is that you always stabilize once you hold your dose long enough.  Someone else will have to advise you on the particulars of the situation.  I would definitely at least stay where you're at until she feels good enough to move on, but if she was having a hard time before the cross over you might want to stick to the normal schedule and wait to start the cross over once she is feeling better.  If she was ok until starting the cross over someone else will need to weigh in.


Also, could you please give the size of the last cut and the date?


I'm sure you will get some good advice, here.



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My sister has been really sick for about 8 months.  She has been on so many medications and has been taking Xanax as needed up to 4 mg for at least 6 of them.  She says she never uses more than 2 and for months was on 1mg.  Last week her doc told her to drop .25, she dropped .5.  I went to the doctor with her and she told her to cross over to K...I asked if she could cross her over to Valium and she agreed.  She told me that she had little experience with benzos because she doesnt prescribe them.  I told her that I would bring her the Ashton Manual...she said to just set up a taper for her to look over.

In the week that she dropped from 1V to .5V she said she didnt feel any worse and she would not go up in doseage so we started the cross over based on .5 X and trying to get to 10 V....

I didnt want to just move my sister over to 10 Valium after reading the cross over plans of many here and so we decided to do a week or two of .25X and 5V and then 10V.  I dont think she has ever been "stable"  and considering the other drugs she has been on...it is difficult to say if it is even possible to get her to "stable"  She is less that 100 lbs and 5'5.  She wants to get better, but it is so hard ...

I think we are pretty much on our own here.  It is going to be a bad night for her followed by a really tough haul.

ANy help will be really appreciated.



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