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scared of other illness


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For some odd reason I think when I drive I'm inhaling carbon monoxide:


Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Symptoms


Exposure to carbon monoxide is most commonly accompanied by the following symptoms:


    * Headache


    * Dizziness


    * Nausea


    * Flu-like symptoms, fatigue


    * Shortness of breath on exertion


    * Impaired judgment


    * Chest pain


    * Confusion


    * Depression


    * Hallucinations


    * Agitation


    * Vomiting


    * Abdominal pain


    * Drowsiness


    * Visual changes


    * Fainting


    * Seizure


    * Memory and walking problems


Arn't all these symptoms the same as benzo w/d? lol.  I feel like I'm going to die, and I don't know if this is actually causing the symptoms I have off this list.  I've had my blood drawn and had to carbon in it a few weeks ago, and others in my family drive my car and they are alright.  The thought just comes in my head all the time that there is some relation to this. 


No need to comment on this ridiculous post, I just am so paranoid about it and had to write it for some reason.

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Hi kd35,


I don't think your post is ridiculous.  If it wasn't for this site I'm sure I would have thought I had various health problems even though my symptoms have been relatively mild.  I think benzo withdrawal mimics other health problems so I think it's normal to worry but I also think it's good you had your blood tested so you know that it's not what you thought it was. I'm sure I would have been to see my doctor many times had I not read all the helpful information on this site. It never hurts to see a doctor that you can trust.



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I think paranoia is what sets it apart from other illnesses. I have it too. I've had surgeries this year and took benzos to help with the anxieties not realizing what I was doing to myself. So now I'm healing from surgeries and paranoid about every odd feeling I get. It is very slowly getting better though. The surgeries and the paranoia about it.
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