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Freezing cold


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I know being cold is a w/d symptom, but is it also just a symptom of being on benzos?  I have been relatively stable 11 days and today I am freezing.  Does this mean my stability is on the way out?



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I have the hot and cold thermal thing going on here.


Especially at night and in the morning.


I have both the heat and a fan going.


Hang in there,



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Hello Poplady,


I think that being cold can be a symptom from tapering or just being on a benzo. As you know, we can get wd sxs as we stay at a dose too. I know I do.


I saw your question regarding being cold.  I get that too. I put together some information that might be helpful.


I am the type of person who seeks to know what is happening and why, it brings comfort to me. I hope it does the same for you.


Information on Body Temperature:


"The Ashton Manual" by Heather Ashton, 2002







Body Sensations. ”All sorts of strange tinglings, pins and needles, patches of numbness, feelings of electric shocks, sensations of hot and cold, itching, and deep burning pain are not uncommon during benzodiazepine withdrawal. It is difficult to give an exact explanation for these sensations but, like motor nerves, the sensory nerves, along with their connections in the spinal cord and brain, become hyper excitable during withdrawal. It is possible that sensory receptors in skin and muscle, and in the tissue sheaths around bones, may fire off impulses chaotically in response to stimuli that do not normally affect them.”



“None of these symptoms is harmful, and they need not be a cause of worry once they are understood.”


“There are many measures that will alleviate these symptoms, such as muscle stretching exercises as taught in most gyms, moderate exercise, hot baths, massage and general relaxation exercises. Such measures may give only temporary relief at first, but if practiced regularly can speed the recovery of normal muscle tone – which will eventually occur spontaneously.”



“Benzo-Wise, A Recovery Companion” by Baylissa Frederick, 2009


Lists Symptoms A to Z:


Body temperature: fluctuations


Sweats/Chills: one minute perspiring profusely then freezing/shaking, hot then chills as if one has ague (a fever with recurrent chills and sweating)


Sweating: profuse sweating regardless of temperature, body washed in perspiration, clothes wet


Temperature: fluctuations in body temperature



Summer :smitten:


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Thanks so much for the responses.  I can't believe how I can sit here and freeze in a warm house.  It would have been nice in the summer, but not in the winter.    :crazy:



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