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How to cut down from .5 mg Klonopin


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Hey -


I'm realizing I need to start literally cutting my Klonopin.  I do not have a dr. who is supportive of switching to valium so I guess I have to cut, right?


I'm on .5 mgs once day in the morning.   


Took .25 this morning.  If I cut by 10%, well, how do I do that?  Seems the smallest I could cut is an 1/8 off of the tablet.


And it doesn't cut very evenly using my pill splitter - chips quite a bit.


Thanks -



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Hi b,  the best way to do a direct taper from klonopin is to use the water titration method or try to get liquid klonopin.


hope this helps  zoe xo

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Check out our titration board. Titration is a good option for a drug like k because you can make tiny cuts. You can also purchase a jeweler's scale from amazon and continue to dry cut. If you search "Gemini scale" in the search box here at BB, you'll find more info about that.


If you have any questions, ask away.

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OK -


Are those glass bottles called graduated cylinders?

I used to work in a pharmacy that closed.  Would you advise getting my own mortar and pestle?

Do I use just water?  Sometimes I dissolve propel mix into my water bottles - would that inhibit the K. from working?

Is it advisable to try and go down 10% every two weeks?


I can't watch a video on my computer - it's too slow.  Is there a good explanation somewhere?  (Hopefully, with pictures?)


Thanks so much!


- BelindaMay/ Brenda (no, my 'real' initials are not "BM")

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Yes the tall glass tubes are called graduated cylinders.


Yes, you can order a mortar and pestle from amazon. Some people drop the pill into the water or milk and let it dissolve over night. It may or may not dissolve depending on the brand. You could test one if you have one to spare.


Some people prefer to use water because they can see the suspension of the particles. Others prefer to use whole milk. The milk fat seems to suspend the particles pretty well. It's really a personal thing.


People usually start with drawing out 1 ml a day per day. Then if you start to feel symptoms you can slow it down by drawing out 1 ml ever other day..or whatever you're comfortable with.



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Btw, if you go to youtube, there might be other videos that you can watch. Search "klonopin titration" or "clonazepam titration". You might luck out.
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I dry cut - went from .5 ->.375 - > .25 - > .0125 and now I am on .065


It isn't exact I am sure as I am dry cutting & Ive been going extremely slow. After this week I think I may jump ship.


Knocks on wood!

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Hello B,


It looks like you have lots of options for getting the last .5mg of K. Here is how I am able to dry cut Klonopin at the lower doses.


I have been dry-cutting. I have learned some important things about this process for me:



1) Each dose reduction I am able to get to a point where my body gets used to the dose and my withdrawal symptoms are lower. I usually get a couple of days where I have lower withdrawal symptom days. I have found that those several days enough for me to feel ready to take on another cut.

2) I have found that I need to hold for no shorter than 2 weeks.

3) I listen to my body and hold until it feels like it has adjusted to the new lower dose.

4) My average holds have been 2 to 4 weeks

5) In order to keep the symptoms at a tolerable level, I keep my cuts around 10% or lower.

6) I have been able to keep my cuts to .03125mg when I hit .5mg of Klonopin.



I have found that the lower I get in my dose that better I feel. My symptoms are less in number and intensity.


In case you are interested in how I am able to dry cut the lower doses:


Cutting .25mg:


Here is how I am able to get the .25mg pieces. I break the .5mg tablet in half.  The brand Klonopin is scored and breaks in half easily.



Cutting .125mg

Take the .25mg and cut that in half. That is a .125mg piece.


Cutting .0625mg

I have the 0.5mg Klonopin.


I break the 0.5mg tablet in half then, I cut 1/4th off of that. I use an angle razor like a box cutter. I have found that the razor is thinner and sharper than the pill splitters I have worked with. Yet, I have read that some have no problem using pill splitters.


I cut the 1/4 off of the tablet on a glass surface. I have found the glass surface to be hard enough to get a clean cut. I press down firm and fairly fast. The 1/4 breaks away (from the .25mg). Now I have 0.0625mg.



Cutting .03125mg (Powder)

The way I get the .03125mg is I crush a .25mg piece and separate the powder into 8 piles. I happen to have a window scraper so that is what I use. I crush the .25mg on a plate with the top part of a pill crusher. Then use the window scraper to separate the pile into 8. Each pile is .03125mg.


Cutting .0156mg (Powder)

The way I would get a .0156mg cut is by crushing .125mg piece (to get the .125mg, cut the .25mg in half). Then crush the .125mg into powder with the top of a pill crusher. Then separate the piles into 8. Each pile is .0156mg.





So when I cut my .5mg tablet to do a .03125mg dose reduction, it looked like this:



  .0625mg (chip)

  .03125mg (powder)


.46875mg total


That is a 5.6% dose reduction.


Now you have more choices than ever.




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