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Going to a psychologist and support group


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Hi guys, Just wanted to share that I'm going to start seeing a psychologist next week. I realize I need to start talking about all of this- about what has happened to me- and to learn ways of coping while I heal. I am needing to accept that this may be a process, but that it will have an ending- and that it will pass. I need to really practice that. Also, I'm going to a support group at my church tonight that meets every week. I'm not sure how many people will be benzo users, if any, but I need other people right now- other people who understand what withdrawal is like. I don't know how all of this will go, but maybe reaching out to others will be one way to get through this next few months or the next year or however long it will take.

When this is all over with, I think I would like to start a support group for benzo users.

There is nothing I can find as a resource in the U.S.  I hope maybe this journey can help someone else. It's hard enough on all of us.


Wishing everyone love and healing...

Love to all, Parker

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