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Help! I think Valium does not agree with me


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I just started using Valium for the first time last night.


I have been on a steady dose of .5mg Xanax at 10pm and .25mg at 10am.


Last night I took 10mg of Valium and .25mg of Xanax today at 10am.


I have had off the charts anxiety, shaking, nasea, loss of appetite, confusion, and just feel totally weird.


I'm seriously thinking to just go back to Xanax and taper from that with titration.


Should I already have this bad of a reaction?


What are the common problems that people have who cross over to Valium? Are there others who have successfully tapered from Xanax? How many doses would I need per day if I tapered from Xanax?


Thanks! Trying hard to figure this out.

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Valium made me depressed, so I stayed with xanax to taper.  I cut a dose (am,noon,& PM)by 50% every two weeks and was okay, very few symptoms.  good luck, sn
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It takes some time for the Valium to build up in your system, try to hang in there and give it time to work.  Right now you're feeling the deficit, but in a few days time, you'll begin to feel the sedation of the Valium.
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Valium made me depressed, so I stayed with xanax to taper.  I cut a dose (am,noon,& PM)by 50% every two weeks and was okay, very few symptoms.  good luck, sn


Hi stevynx,


I read that you took 6 months to taper. I really had a super bad day with Valium. You say you tried it and it made you depressed. I am already a bit depressed to so in addition to all the other negative stuff I got from Valium I'm seriously thinking of sticking with the one i know.


My doc told me that if the Valium does not agree with me to go up from .75mg of Xanax to 1mg for about a month and get stable then use the liquid solution hevtold me about to taper. He fills dosing twice a day as I have been all along may work for me.


Tell me more about your 6 month taper. How many times did you dose? Did you go to one dose as you got lower? How often did you cut?

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You might have crossed over too fast by crossing over from .5 mg Xanax to 10 mg Valium in one step. Have you considered doing the c/o in two steps so as to allow V. to build up to full strength? Maybe 0,25 mg Xanax and 5 mg Valium for 1-3 weeks and then to 10 mg V. ?


I've found an interesting figure in this paper. Have a look at figure 2:


Graphic representation of the relationship of the

plasma levels of diazepam, and its chief metabolite

desmethyldiazepam, during the first few weeks after

initiating diazepam administration at e.g. 5 mg/d.







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Like Pam said, it takes time for the Valium to build up.


I had sedation, drunk feeling, hunger, and I don't give a damn attitude when I c/o or during that.


As you taper down.. the sedation will leave and you will find yourself waking up.. I call it.


Depression is an issue I have too.. but I know it is the Valium.


Good luck.

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All I can say is that I took 10mg of Valium along with .5mg of Xanax at the same time to see what would happen. Even then I felt crazy anxiety, shaking, nasea, where if I would have taken the .5mg of Xanax alone I would have probably went to sleep.


I already know that I am super duper sensitive to all medications. But for whatever reason I tolerate (don't love) Xanax pretty well. Yes it would be nice to take my one dose at night, but 3 times a day would be better if I am not in such a weird place in my mind. God I really have never been a panic or anxiety type at all. Super mellow guy here until these GD benzos! I still don't feel right after my dose Valium.


Fotunatly I did find out from my doc that I can get a liquid Xanax solution where I will be able to make exact cuts as small as .01mg/ml. I know I really didn't give it much of a try but wow that stuff makes me feel incredibly weird. I'm still not right from it. I hope it leaves my system soon.


I heard once...the devil you know is better than the devil you don't.


Thanks for the article rpd and the encouragement sigma


I think now is to get super stable on a dose of Xanax ans start my slow smooth taper. Three doses a day....O well.


I have seen where others have come off Xanax directly just fine. I hope I can to. I'll add my tentative taper plan.

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Am now getting as stable as possible. I even went on up to 1mg from .75mg for some added stabilization. Will use liquid solution to get the small increments. Your thoughts?



Dates Time on Dose Dose mg/ml

11/1-11/31  4 weeks             1mg

12/1-12/15  2 weeks             .9ml

12/16-12/31 2 weeks             .8ml

1/1-1/15   2 weeks             .7ml

1/16-1/31   2 weeks             .6ml

2/1-2/15   2 weeks             .50ml

2/16-2/29   2 weeks             .45ml

3/1-3/15   2 weeks             .4ml

3/16-3/31   2 weeks             .35ml

4/1-4/15   2 weeks             .3ml

4/16-4/30   2 weeks             .25ml

5/31/5/15   2 weeks             .2ml

5/16-5/31   2 weeks             .15ml

6/1-6/15   2 weeks             .1ml

6/15-6/30   2 weeks              .05ml


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