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Confused: why titrate when there are Intensol Oral Solutions Available?


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I am new to all of this but in my research I found that there are oral solutions that do not need refrigeration for Valium, Xanax, and Ativan. If these are available why on earth would people want to break pills and mix them with water and all of that?


I called CVS and Walgreens today and they confirmed that these solutions are available and in stock.















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For the 1ml/mg of the Xanax the cost is $85.00 at my local CVS and in stock there. Somebody must be buying this stuff...


So if one was tapering from 1mg of Xanax this would cost basically $85.00 per month and would of course go down as the doses go down.


Sounds like a winner to me. I am now crossing over to Valium. Only the first day. What I do know already is that Xanax for the most part agrees with me where Klonopin does NOT. Been there, done that. SO if for some reason I have trouble with Valium I'll probably go for this liquid solution and just dose 2-3 times per day.


No mixing, measuring, or refrigeration required. The pharmacist just told me to get smaller increments I'd just need to use a little liquid syringe instead of the little dropper.

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I would have used the liquid compounds if I had a choice.


My doctor doesn't believe in tapering and no more prescriptions for me.


I make my own using the plain ora-plus, it works, not that much hassle.

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Snookie, I think Healthybodyandmind hit on the main reason right there. You still need a prescription, and many doctors are unwilling to prescribe liquids for whatever reason. My p-doc will provide 10mg of Lexapro tablets, but not 10mg of Lexapro liquid. So I am stuck with a mortar and pestle every night.  :tickedoff:


It may also be a case of the expense for the liquid

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