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Hello Everyone! New to this site and wanting to introduce myself


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Hi All...


My name is Frank and I can't tell you how happy I am to have found this site. Basic history:



- I have been taking Ativan 2 - 3mg per day for the past 5 - 6 years

- I have joined this group because I need all the support/info/help from everyone here in regards with tapering and detoxing off this horrible med. Plus how to cope with withdrawals.

- tried to go cold turkey and ended up in the ER. Was diagnosed with "anxiety" and gave me Benadryl. I don't think staff were educated about the severity of Ativan withdrawals.

- finally was able to see an Doctor who has put me on a tapering plan of a reduction of 0.5mg per 2 weeks without Valium and instead Hydroxyzine.

- on my 2nd day and im still in withdrawal hell. Not as bad as the cold turkey withdrawals but it's still debilitating.

- almost forgot to mention that the way I used to get this medication was thru friends and ordering online. I never had a prescription for this ever. Stupid of me to fall into this mess


That's my brief history. Would love to become active in this forum and gain support from ppl who are going thru the same problems I'm facing at the moment. I feel all alone thru this. Haven't told anyone of what I am currently facing. Rough days ahead. Not ready for this. Scared. Anxious. Have nowhere to turn right now. Pls help

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Hi Frank,


Welcome to BenzoBuddies. I'm glad you found us. You'll find a lot of information and support here.


I'm sorry you've had such a bad time of it. You're not alone, believe me.


I'm not familiar with the drug Hydroxyzine (maybe another member will have more info for you). I googled it and found that it's an antihistamine and often used to treat mild anxiety.


I understand you not telling people about what you're going through. That's true of many of our members. It's hard for others to understand. That's why BenzoBuddies is here. So that you can connect with others that DO understand.


You might want to post a new topic on the General Taper board. You'll get a responses to many of your concerns there.




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Hi and welcome to BenzoBuddies, Frank.


I was on 2-3mg Ativan/lorazepam when I started tapering back in 2008 but had been on it for many years.  My doctor thought I could get off dropping .5mg every week but I became a mess.  I fnally convinced her to let me go slower as long as I was reducing my dose and she went along with it, thank goodness!  You can see in my signature box a summary of how I tapered.  I used a lot of the suggestions I found on this board, especially on the Anxiety and Insomnia Boards, to learn how to cope with the withdrawal symptoms.  I feel sure we can help you with your taper as well. 


BTW, I have read of some members using Hydroxyzine but I think it was mostly for sleep (I used Benedryl sometimes instead).  It is not a benzo and I doubt that it has more than a mild effect of benzo withdrawal symptoms which is probably why you already feel so rough.  :(

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A big welcome to BB!  You will find so much support here ~ it has been a lifesaver for me and countless others as we journey onwards!

I too was on Ativan/Lorazepam, with my highest dose being 3 mg. per day.  I know everyone is very different; however, for me, I never could have tapered off as quickly as you are planning.  I am the "queen of the slow taper" as it took me 2 1/2 years to come off....yes, that sounds depressingly long....never thought it would take anywhere near that long....; however, it's what I needed to do in order to remain sane and semi-functional.  Most people get off MUCH quicker; however, you might want to take a look at a longer taper than what your doctor has planned for you...not trying to give you advice, just a thought....  All the best to you ~ you WILL get better and be forever grateful that you are free of benzos! 



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