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Third cut and doing OK


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Hi Rhi and all.

5 days on the third cut of alprazolam and doing OK.  The ringing is back and pain in teeth but the fatigue is barely noticeable.  Started using water titration, but didn't get the "taste" from chewing the pill which is an addiction problem (like I don't think I've taken my dose.  So I kept with the dry cut and now down to 3/4 mg of alprazolam -  thats a far cry from prn when I was taking a small piece of a pill and not keeping track of just how much I was taking.  I am sure it was at least 1.5 mg a day, especially on weekends.

Now its .05 clonazepam 12 hours apart and I break up the 3/4 mg alprazolam during the course of the day.  I know sooner or later (when I am down to a half pill) my only option will be water titration, but I am confident I can overcome missing the taste.

The vacation was a little difficult with 17 people with us and lots of stress when everyone wanted to do something different, but I managed to get thru that with only one "cheat dose" of alprazolam.  Wasn't worth it and I stuck with the schedule for the rest of the trip.  Still had a good time.

I made the decision to make the 3rd step because I could feel my body say its OK.

I'd still be worried sick about how to get off this stuff if I didn't have the support I get here.  Thanks to all.  will keep you all posted as things progress.  I know that the best advice I received was to hold at 1mg for a month before even thinking of cutting.  Patience and time is the key.

Prayers and best wishes to all who are trying

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Thanks for the update, joed.  :)  It is great to learn you managed to have a good time on your trip despite the extra stress.  I'm afraid sometimes our fear of what might happen keeps us from enjoying life while we are tapering but obviously this has not happened to you.  Good job!  :thumbsup:
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