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Need review of Titration Schedule


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I joined Benzo Buddies in February 2010 and Colin worked out a Titration schedule for me to start in March 2010. However last year we had a series of family health issues so I was forced to put my "withdrawal" on the back burner. I am now ready to restart my taper and have already reduced 1 of my 5mg tablets by 1/4 by dry cutting.There is a titration schedule under my Profile but what I need to know is where on this plan do I need to start having already made one small dry cut. In effect I have reduced from 10 mgs to 8.75mgs by a small dry cut and would like to continue using the schedule Colin worked out for me once I know exactly where to start.

Hope this makes sense and so sorry to be a nuisance but hope someone can help.

Thanking you in anticipation Deborah x

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Hi Deborah,


Looking back at your old schedule, it appears to be a 200 day titration - 100 days for each 5mg tablet.




Therefore since you've already cut a quarter of a tablet, you are 25 days into the titration of the second tablet. This means you'd start with April 2nd, 2010, with 75 days remaining on your second tablet.


What this means is that to start off, you would take one tablet whole. Then you'd crush the second tablet and dissolve it in 100ml of water or milk.


On the first day (corresponding to April 2nd on the spreadsheet) toss out 25ml of benzo liquid and drink the remaining 75ml.


Second day - April 3rd - toss out 26ml of benzo liquid and drink 74ml. And so on.


When you get to "June 15th" you will have gotten rid of the second tablet completely. Now you will stop taking the first tablet whole. Instead, you'll dissolve that tablet in 100ml of water, and start removing and tossing.


Does that make sense?




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Hi Princezz,

Thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly, I really appreciate it!

What you have told me makes perfect sense so I can get on with that straight away. I'll keep in touch with my progress. Lost so much time last year but determined to succeed this time although very nervous !


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