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From 2 mg to 1.5 mg. Anyone do a slow taper and NOT have a long recovery after?


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cheers for the reminder, I hadn't filled in a signature yet, done now.  My end is further off than you - still on Lorazepam/Ativan, down to the equivalent of 3.4mg of Valium.  I had a compounding pharmacy make up a liquid for me - its a relief really to have it accurate.    I can't wait to be done either!  Nevertheless, mustn't go too fast.  When I started reducing I cut the equivalent of 5mg of Valium, down from 15mg, and wow was I hit hard.  


will watch your progress






Are you doing a liquid titrate? I am on the real Valium-- not the generic and it is such a weird shape that I don't see how I could make cuts that small. I did the .5mg last night and it is bearable today so I will probably do that for the next three weeks and then ADIOS! benzo's. I can't do the math but it sounds like you're end is in sight as well. True? We have a pretty similar benzo history -- I think I am at 12 years but I haven't completely thought it out yet. I can't see your signature as I am typing but what was your starting point? I crossed over and stabilized at 8 mg of Valium. I CANNOT WAIT TO BE DONE.


Happy Healing and keep in touch!


Chrysanthemum :crazy:


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Wow Chrysanthemum

You have come down almost twice what I did in the same amount of time AND reduced your opiate dose as well as recovering from surgery!  What a trouper you are!  YIPPEE to you!  I certainly understand your wanting to just get off and be done.  Being impatient was a huge struggle for me...the last month was SO hard as I was just obsessed with being done.  Anyway Good luck to you on the final leg of your taper. You have made it this far and through so much...I am sure you will make it across the finish line!


I will check back from time to time and to see how you are doing.


Keep on fighting!


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