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anyone feels like they talk to their selves in their head all the time?


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Anyone feel like this? This is especially big in the mornings. It's like I'll wake up early in the morning, and my brain doesnt shut up. It's my own subconscious voice. Just saying random things that don't really make sense. I think it's me wanting to fall back asleep so I keep hearing my own voice in my head going "okay, you just gotta grab that pillow behind ya, that will feel better... okay now your laying down... your eyes are closed, you'll fall back asleep..." yada yada yada yada.


No I'm not "hearing voices" in my head telling me to do things. lol. It's my own subconscious. But sometimes when I'm in bed in the mornings its like I hear myself in my head saying just random weird crap... almost like I'm trying to think of things to dream about? Hoping I'll fall back asleep.


Do you this is ativan w/d? Or do you think the 7.5mg Remeron I take before bed is making my brain not shut up?


Anyone else experience this when w/ding from benzo? Thanks!


Sometimes I think I'm going crazy. I'm like "who the hell talks to their selves in their head?" This is just mostly in the mornings only. Once I get up and life get's going, I play some music, and it shuts up.

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I have long, long conversations with myself! Not anything mentally wrong, just thoughts going on and on and on. I force myself to get up and get online or watch TV or something just to get out of my own head. So I know what you mean. I'd like to be able to shut myself up sometimes but I'm just a big ol' blabbermouth!





Me on Day 45 of a c/t:  :-[

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