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possible window tonight?


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can we heal while tapering?


Today was a pretty anxious day. Didnt help that I didnt sleep too good lastnight. Didnt help that I had a Dr's appt. today. And just had anxiety today. lol.


But this evening it wasnt too bad... but then I got engaged with my kids to make a birthday card for mommy. I felt GREAT!


Maybe it's b/c I distracted myself from thinking constantly about w/d, w/d, w/d. etc.


But I'm feeling quite calm tonight. Some mild heart palps, but I don't worry about my heart ever. I know some people have heart palp phobias that make them think they are having a heart attack. I don't have that.


So it is possible I could be having a slight window?


Or do you think a lot of this is mental? To an extent? Like I distracted myself, therefor, I wasnt as obsessed about myself. I was thinking about others. =)


I think I'm going to start exercising again too. Exercise has always made me feel better.


God Bless. I think I'm on my way. =)


I've only got 2 more days and I'm DONE! CELEBRATION! =)

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Yup. Def. A window. Feeling awesome!  Knock on wood. Cut my Remeron in half too tonight.  May reinstate that Remeron back to 15mg if ativan w/d peeks back up. I heard Remeron s side effects increase on lower doses. So maybe 7.5mg Remeron will help more?  Can't knock it til ive tried it. :)
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