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4.5 Months Off


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Hiya buddies :)


Well...I've come a long way and tomorrow i am 4.5 months off.  I would like to invite anyone to post on this thread (especially buddies around 4.5 months off) and give an update of the progress you've made, and issues you're still dealing with on the yellow brick road of benzo freedom!.


These past 4.5 months seem to have taken forever, but in many ways have passed quickly.  It's hard to explain, but the farther i have traveled in benzo freedom, the quicker the months go by, and the closer i am to feeling that much better.  Months 1 - 3.5 i felt as though i was in a constant wave with few breaks.  The past month i have seen noticeable improvements in symptoms, and longer windows that now can last a few days at a time.  This being said, i still have a loooong way to go.


What am i struggling with the most?

 1. Anxiety and Depression

 2. Dp/Dr

 3. OCD

 4. Cog Fog

 5. Appetite and GI symptoms

 6. Lack of motivation and energy

 7. Lack of emotions


What has improved the most?

 1. Almost all of the above have improved but still a ways to go

 2. Insomnia

 3. Benzo rage

 4. Dizziness and vertigo

 5. Tinnitus

 6. Hope!


I look forward to reading everyone's updates and comments :thumbsup:




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Hey Sam,


I'm not in your timeframe but I just wanted to say congratulations on getting this far.


Around four months was a terrible time for me, so I'm glad you're faring better and seeing improvements.



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Hi Sam!


I am just past the 4 month mark, and being slammed the hardest I've been since tapering.  I cry off/on all day, GI symptoms are through the roof, fears are coming back.  The only difference between now, and months ago when I tapered, is that I seem to be able to handle it better.  I managed to get up after 3 hours sleep and get my daughter ready for school - walked her to school - talked to parents and completely hid how i was really feeling.  I couldn't have done all of that while tapering - instead I had to rely on friends and my parents to get my daughter to school on a day like today.


It's funny b/c I think I have spent so much time mentally preparing myself for this massive wave people seem to hit during the 3 or 4 month mark, but now that I'm in it I am totally shocked.  I guess deep down I thought it might not happen.


We're all hanging in there, and as much as I don't want others to suffer, it's comforting to hear of others who suffered greatly at this point and are doing so much better now. 


Hang in there, Sam!  I hope things have improved more for you since you posted this. 


Take care,


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Hi Sam,


I am also at the 4.5 month point and unfortunately I am getting hit with the worst wave yet.  I'm holding on to the fact that many BBs have experienced the same thing and that it will pass.


Here's my progress report:



What I Struggle With Most


1. Insomnia

2. General/Social anxiety

3. GI upset

4. Depression--has gotten worse in the past few weeks

5. Exhaustion, lack of motivation (could partially be due to ongoing insomnia)



What Has Improved the Most


1. Panic attacks

2. Overall fear

3. DP/DR

4. Difficulty breathing


Thanks for your post and starting this thread.  I wish you much luck and continued healing.



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You will see more improvement at 6 months then 9 months and then at year it should be really big....I am closing in on 11 months and seeing good improvement but certainly not out of the woods.  I am prepared for a two year fix but if it happens quicker then great. 


At 11 months i still have unreliable sleep, rapid pounding pulse, lower back muscle tension and tightness, anxiety, and  some disconnect from myself and reality.  Social fears, agoraphobia, paranoia, palpitations and rage are gone.


This takes a long time to heal from ...longer than most people want to admit.....just suffer it out and eventually the damage is repaired.





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