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updosing to stabilize


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I started initially with a rapid taper from 1 mg of clonazepam, and then was hit hard w/ w/d effects.  I went back up eventually and thought stabilized, and then started tapering again.  I don't feel like I'm fully stabilized at .75 mg, even though it has been a couple of weeks.  Have people benefited from updosing and stabilizing again, and then starting to taper again more slowly.  I'm considering titration as an option instead of dry cutting.



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Hi Iwillprevail,


There are so many ways to skin the proverbial cat.


What works for me may not work for you.  My siggy tells my story, thusfar.


Can you describe the w/d symptoms that are most troublesome?  In my case, I had severe sleep disruption.  I could fall asleep immediately, but not stay asleep for longer than an hour or two.  In my case, updosing for a brief period of time, holding, and then resuming my taper helped me deal with my w/d. 


Other Buddies will have their own input as to what worked for them.  Professor Ashton is very clear on the subject of updosing - she does not recommend it.


For me, working with a benzo-wise doctor helped me to pick a strategy and commit to stick with it.  It also is nice to have the additional support.


The addition of Neurontin to help with difficulty maintaining sleep is a mixed bag.  At a dose of 600 mg. at bedtime, I slept 4 nights in a row at 6 hours per night.

Last night, I woke up feeling very restless and stayed up for 30 minutes and went back to bed.  Hard to say if this was caused by the Neurontin or benzo w/d.  I am undecided whether to ditch the Neurontin or not.  I'll give it another night or two and ask my doc.


As to your thought of titration - the only way you will know whether this is an effective strategy is to try it.  It may be of help.  I did not give it enough time to be able to formulate any opinions regarding this method.  A steady, very small decrease (0.0635 mg - 1/4 of a 0.25 mg orally disintegrating clonazepam tab) is my approach.  My symptoms wax and wane and I would say as of today, they are tolerable.


My subjective take:  What works for you will be different than what works for some.  Have an adequate support network.  Pick a strategy and give it sufficient time to see if it makes your experience more tolerable.  Stay positive more times than not.


All the Best,

Laurie  :)


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Hi there,


I have up dosed once in my taper and it sent me backwards.


I think it gave me adverse effects.

Of course this is with valium.


My body didn't like it.. maybe I should have given it more time but I never stabilized on it.

Instead I tapered faster from that dose and felt better.


Strange, isn't it?



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