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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills


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The episode that originally aired 10-10-11 was very interesting.


One of the cast members (Kim) was feeling and looked loopy; she complained of not sleeping, not eating, having headaches and panic attacks - sound familiar?


Benzo's were not mentioned but I would bet anything she is on a Benzo and is experiencing interdose withdrawal. If she is on a Benzo, I really wish her well. I also wish the show would spend more time focusing on her and her possible addiction.



Take care,





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Interesting...I also googled Russell Armstrong after his suicide and found something that said his friends said he was desperately asking for Xanax right before his death but they didn't want to give him any because they thought he was addicted...or something like that. I can't remember where I read it. So...there is some link to benzos in that crowd...not surprisingly, I guess.  Dr. Phil didn't even bring the possibility up when he interviewed Russell's wife and sister.  It's all pretty sad.  :(
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The Real Housewives were on Dr. Phil awhile back...maybe last year...and I believe it was Kim who overdosed on Xanax and they had to take her to the hospital during the taping of the show.  I can't remember all the details and b/c I wasn't aware of what I was going through yet w/ Benzos I didn't pay as close attention to it all...you can probably Google it. 


These meds are brutal. 



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