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Virus or just Benzo-Bonus???!!!


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I have been in bed since Tuesday - I have an odd sort of a soar throat and my immune system complains - one division at the time; aches and pains. I have 37.8 °C - yesterday I went to see my GP and he only saw slight redness in my right ear, so I am not gravely ill.


Could it be that since I am now almost 3 weeks off my benzos, this virus "exaggerates" my symptoms?


I get very unpleasant visual disturbances for an hour after I wake up and I see neon-like flashy spots - blue and yellowish. I suspect those to be benzo-related.


Or could it be that my "virus" is just withdrawal symptoms and is this something I can expect to go on and on?


Lexotania :sick:

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