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Great book to understand the truth about psychiatry: "The myth of chemical cure"


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I have just read this excellent and rigorous book of Joanna Moncrieff: "The myth of chemical cure". You can find it here:




It talks little about benzos but it helped me to understand "all the truth" about psychiatry and I like the main idea she proposes in this book: drugs should be prescribed to patients ONLY if they have been previously well informed that in fact these are not medications but real psychoactive drugs that science IGNORES what they really do in our brains, only knowing that they modify its chemistry and of course that this drugs can be heavily addicting. But that these same drugs may help in certain cases and it's up the well-informed patient to chose if to take them or not.


You can listen Joanna talking about the book in this short interview in BBC radio:



I have the electronic version of this book, if someone needs it just send a PM.






PS: I see Joanna has just realeased a new book: "De-Medicalizing Misery: Psychiatry, Psychology and the Human Condition", now only available in Amazon UK.

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