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French Study Concludes A Grim Reality for Seniors on Benzos


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It has taken me several days to decide to post this.  Ultimately, I came to the decision that the study was valid given its 20 year span on such a large group of participants.  The truth needs to be told.




"In France, 32% of people aged over 65 take benzodiazepine, according to a study by the Assurance Maladie, the government-run health insurer."


An article on prevention





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Yeah it does, Peeps not having the truth could be behind the 32 % over age 65 on Benzos! Unbelievable! And the connection to Alzheimers. (im not surprised)

and the other article:

In other words, your diet and exercise history may have a huge impact on your brain health through its effect on your heart health. Eating a diet which includes little red meat while emphasizing whole grains, healthy fats, fish, nuts, fruits and vegetables and getting lots of healthy exercise could be the single most important thing you can do in your effort to prevent Alzheimer’s disease.


I will make my family members aware of this

Im going to start with getting some nuts and changing my bread. My doc just told me yesterday that I need more exercise. I will find a way.

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I see the numbers...20 year study of 3,777 people age 65 years and over...drugs could be responsible for up to 54,416 cases of Alzheimer's disease in France every year...


I fail to see how 3,777 people could get 54,416 cases of Alzheimer's disease;  also, were these people aged 45+ when the study began or did they recruit new individuals every so often? In reality, not all 3,777 people could be expected to be alive in 20 years' time, no matter what their ages.


The study is not reviewed yet so that means it is really too early to report.  It also seems like the report is in serious need of proof reading? :)


Just my thoughts...I'm 67 years old and have taken lorazepam for 25+ years.  














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It actually appears that the report is suggesting that based on a study of 3,777 there are indications that there may be a correlation between benzos and Alzheimer's. If that's the case then they are concluding that benzos are potentially contributing to the up to 54,416 cases newly diagnosed each year.


No one thus far knows the exact causes of Alzheimer's or dementia for that matter. But the fact that benzodiazepines are amnesiacs and are metabolized more slowly as we age, can't IMHO be a good thing.  


The fact that you are a healthy 67 year old is a wonderful thing.  

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