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I had this many times when I tapered.  I can remember pressing on my belly and it would be very painful.  I also felt like I needed tp prick my stomach w/ a pin to release air...like a balloon!  Not a pleasant feeling but it seems to be quite common during w/d.  Just on a positive note...since jumping 2 months ago, this s/x is one of the ones I have FAR less of.  :yippee:


All the best,


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Yes... today was my 2nd day on .5mg of ativan... jumped from .75mg, and yesterday was surprisingly good! Hasnt been too bad of a ride really.. just mostly muscle twitching.


But today I could feel my anxiety trying to peak its evil head out, and I was SO tired and people kept saying I looked STONED... and I did, my eyes were red and glossy and I just looked beat.


My stomach rolled all day, and I had little appetite, and was very bloated at times, and even nauseous a couple of times, and if I can pass a little gas, that seems to help. lol.


Right now I'm doing okay, got a little hungry actually.


Hang in there!!! You will make it!!! =)


I find drinking ginger-ale helps me.

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