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maybe an anti depressent may be needed?


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OK so lately I've just been pretty paranoid, obsessive, and my thoughts are causing me to react with a whole bunch of crazy symptoms. 


I get really bad when I'm about to drive.  For some reason since I had my first Panic Attack in my car, when ever I drive it I get slammed with soo many symptoms, it's like some traumatic thing whenever I drive it I start to feel bad, then I think I'm breathing in something like carbon monoxide, and think I'm going to die haha.  I know this sounds so stupid and illogical, but it's what I do. Whenever I have to drive I starting thinking about it way before I have to do it.


I was thinking of going to the doctors to get checked for peace of mind, but I already know when I go they're going to find nothing wrong.  Lately I just have been low energy, no motivation, I'm thinking maybe if I get on an AD things will help a little because I just think all day something is wrong and I'm going to die.  I don't even know if I'm in this w/d thing anymore.


If anyone has any thoughts I'd greatly appreciate the input, sorry for this idiotic post.  I'm just trying to stop all the thoughts  :D

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No worries KD, its not idiotic at all. I found something in the Ashton Manual about taking antidepressants during withdrawal. IMHO it might not be a bad idea at all. Check with your doctor and lets see what some other peeps say.

Heres a link to what she says...dont let ANY of it scare you. http://www.benzo.org.uk/manual/bzcha03.htm#20


PS I had a panic attack in a car before as well.

Wishing you ALL THE BEST ;) ;) ;) ;)

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Please don't feel stupid or that there's something wrong with you for having these thoughts. I'm still working with my withdrawal process, so I don't know what the symptoms are like post-withdrawal, and how long they last.


I know a lot of us have fears about being on medications again, and maybe about seeing doctors when we didn't get the right kind of information in the past. As someone that has struggled with depression before even going on any benzos, I had many similar feelings (anxiety, low mood, feelings of sadness, worthlessness, etc.). And I found that going on an AD helped me immensely.


You are more informed now, and more pro-active now because of your experiences, and you can go in with lots of good questions about medications and types of therapy that will be helpful. Sometimes medication isn't necessarily the first-line to deal with depression, but sometimes it is what helps. Talking with a doctor that you trust is a good idea, and you can get several opinions if you don't like what they are offering.


I think we can sometimes feel shame and fear about having these kinds of thoughts that we can't control or can't get ourselves out of, and you shouldn't have to suffer if there is something that can help. That's just my opinion - I'm learning a lot about medications and I do believe there are bad ones and good ones. And sometimes we might need one to help us during a tough time.


Best of luck,


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I was diagnosed with dysthymic disorder (chronic, low-grade depression) and I've taken Wellbutrin for years with no problems. I did a 47-day c/t back in April and May and about three weeks in, as the Valium left my system, I was just hit with HUGE waves of emotion on top of the anxiety that kicked in about the same time. I finally realized it was probably the Wellbutrin and I cut back on it over a week or so and the symptoms went away.


This time out, I tapered off the Wellbutrin in the week or so before I resumed my previous c/t. I'm still having waves of anxiety, but not accompanied with overwhelming emotions. Wellbutrin isn't an SSRI like Paxil, which supposedly helps with anxiety. It never helped me. I tried 'em all before Wellbutrin. I just found that, based on my last attempt to c/t and the overwhelming emotions I got from the Wellbutrin that the fewer drugs I have in my system the better off I will be.


That my two cents' worth...




Me as Day 23 winds to an end:  :-\

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The md put me on prozac, and I think it has helped me a great deal.  I was so depressed and overwhelmed at first.  I couldn't believe I was addicted to this stuff and what it would take to get off of it.  Just couldn't wrap my head around it.  It took a few weeks to take effect, but has really helped my outlook and ability to accept what I have to do.  Also, my anxiety is much better.  Take care and God bless.
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Kd, Please don't ever be ashamed of your emotions, especially when you post on BB. I can't advise you what to do but I would like to tell you that my experience with Paxil was very bad and coming off it horrendous for me. There are other ADs if you feel like you need something. I will tell you that withdrawal is giving me obsessive thoughts at time but I manage to work through them. Good Luck with whatever you decide to do.  :)



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Hey there,


I am not against AD's... as I have been prescribed one myself.

Doxepin 10mg.


I think that sometimes AD's can help, I am no doc and everyone is different with them, but I am not going to Judge because you may take one.

Many people take an AD during or after, before withdrawal.


We have to do what we have to in order to get through this slinging mess.


I, myself cannot take many of the new AD's.


Only Remeron, Zoloft, Prozac, and Lexapro (I think) helped me.


Hopefully you will get something straightened out.


Good luck.


PS- I understand the depression this can cause.

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Hi KD,

I am not sure if a antidepressant will help you with the symptoms that you described. I am very pro using a antidepressant if the depression related to withdrawl is horrible.  I, myself used welbutrin thruout my taper and a bit post taper.  But, I don't believe the antidepressants will help at all for many of the withdrawl symptoms that you describe.  It does not help for the anxiety, panic attacks, intrusive thoughts, paranoid thoughts etc.  these are all strictly related to the benzo withdrawl.  It seems that the antidepressants help a bit with the dark awful cloud that is benzo depression, so hard to explain unless you are going thru it, but it is unlike any other normal depression.  Also, when you start a antidepressant it might take a while for it to work and also it might also revv up some of your withdrawl symptoms in particular the anxiety.  In addition, when you decide to get off you also may go thru a withdrawl or withdrawl syndrome.

Sorry to be a bummer, but unless the depression is absolutely debilitating I would not suggest that you do this at this point in time. What you are going thru is part of the process and I know how awful it is.  I am hoping that you will get some relief soon.  Ginia

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My family doctor gave put me on an SSRI to try to help with the extreme anxiety at about a month to six weeks out from c/t. I was terrified of everything. I was literally desperate for someone to help me get through it with whatever it took. At first it seemed to increase the anxiety and then I felt drugged but still sick with even more anxiety. I had to stop taking it at just five days. I'm glad I did now as it would be another drug to withdrawal from. I got through it. If I can, anyone can. That was a rough time that I didn't think I would get through. My doctor said some people benefit and some don't. If you can tough it out as it IS temporary, I think you'll be glad in the end. This phase of intense fear will pass.

I've been on a couple of different SSRI's over the years for anxiety. They worked great but I didn't like feeling drugged so I quit. Withdrawal was rough but nothing like Benzos in my experience. I'm done with psychotic drugs. I'll deal with and learn to lessen my anxiety in healthier ways.

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Don't be ashamed! In my opinion, I think AD's can help! If it wasnt for Remeron right now (Mirtazapine) I think I'd be in a hospital. lol. My story is my family MD put me on ativan to take when needed... he tried a couple AD's like Lexapro, Paxil etc. etc. none worked, only made things worse. So he said just take ativan when needed b/c that seems to help the most. Then came the tolerance w/d etc. etc... that's why we are all here right?


Well, I dropped my Dr. b/c he wouldnt help me taper at all. He actually wanted me to take MORE ativan. SCREW THAT!


So I am seeing a WONDERFUL psychiatrist who immediatley put me on Remeron after I told him what I was going through and my w/d symptoms.


Remeron has been a GOD SEND... this has been the ONLY AD that has worked for me in 4 years! And this was my 1st time seeing this Psychiatrist. He gave me HOPE, and understood my benzo w/d and he even went into deep details on how GABA works etc. etc. and even had names for certain w/d symptoms I was having. Very neat & smart individual.


The Ashton Manual reads that sometimes AD's can help, but it also says that AD's can make w/d symptoms worse. I'm not saying that's not true... but in my case... Remeron has helped me tremendously through my w/d process!


I am able to work, and I'm more creative than ever I feel. I've been jumping .25mg every week with NO PROBLEMS. Just minor painless muscle spasms/twitches. That's about it.


Now, the Remeron helps me sleep, but lately it's been giving me Restless Leg Syndrome RLS at night. I hate that! But you give some, you take some... the benefits outway the side effects so far.


When I'm done with my ativan taper... I will be tapering off the Remeron about 3 months after that... just to help cover up any possible w/d waves etc.


Good luck to you! =)

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