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Stomach issues...describe?


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Hello to all,


I am 2+ months off benzos now, and my first month was okay.  Lots of ups and downs and the first week was particularly rough, but all and all I managed quite well.  Month 2 things became more rough, but still manageable.  Now into my 3rd month, I often feel like I did when I tapered.  The only difference is now I get breaks from it, so it will be really rough, but i recover quicker from it.


One thing that seems to linger for me is stomach issues.  But it's not just nausea and I want others to describe how they are w/ their stomach...especially those who have jumped.


For me, this is how my stomach feels (and it's not constant...the different sensations pop up randomly from day to day):


nausea (motion sickness feeling)

nausea (deep stomach flu feeling but w/out vomiting)

Gas pains (with no gas)

Zaps and sharp pains at random areas from just above pubic bone to ribs to diaphragm

Digestion is sometimes rough...after I eat, the gurgles almost hurt

I feel hunger, but it's also nausea so I don't know what to eat

Feel like I have to vomit but it's more of a gaggy feeling...never vomit


Again, I have days with very little stomach issues.  I don't have heartburn problems.  I know it's w/d related b/c I've had it since I tapered.  I just hoped the stomach issues would be slightly improved by now, and instead it's almost worse.  :'(


There are improvements in other areas, so please know it's not all doom and gloom at 2+ months off.


Love to all,


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And one more thing...when I get up during the night or in the morning to pee, it's as though my intestines, etc don't know what to do w/ the extra room from my bladder being suddenly emptied...so then when I return to bed it's hard to fall asleep b/c of the pains.  Kind of gas-like and very uncomfortable.  It makes it hard to relax and fall back asleep. 
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Hi Schatje,


We've talked about sharing a lot of the same symptoms so I don't know how much I can add, but do you think the pains could be coming from muscle spasms?  I wasn't going to post today, had a rough night, but thought I'd see what you think.  I am having terrible muscles quivering inside and out.  I think it is causing the nausea too.  Everything is just jumping around and was all night. I also feel like vomiting but haven't and feel hungry in a way too.  I was sweating a lot last night and had burning mouth with that metallic taste.  Even my sweat smelled metallic. Sorry to be graphic.


Does anyone know why people get a lot of physical symptoms and others don't.  I had done really well until the start of this week handling all the stuff.


pianogirl :-[

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Thank you SO much for taking the time to respond...today is really tough and this means a lot. 


It could be like a spasm...it's so hard to say.  It feels similar to gas cramps but it hits at random areas and I can't pass gas...so that leads me to think it's not a gas pain.  Also, my mouth has the metallic taste as well!  And my saliva gets thick and I feel like I need to spit constantly b/c there's excess saliva.  Ick.


This month is really tiring me out mentally and physically, so I just told on to the fact I can still see improvements even feeling like this.  But these past few days or really this past week is breaking me a bit.  I can't stop crying!  I was handling all of my physical stuff really well up until a week ago, but now I feel like I can't catch a break.  And just when I finally get a break from my stomach, I'll get the sweats or muscle aches or the adrenaline rushes. 


Thank you so much again for responding. 


Love and hugs,


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