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working days vs. non-working days


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Does anyone else experience this?  On days that I work and have to get up early, I do much much better all the way around.  I do not usually have the morning anxiety and once I am up and going I usually feel pretty good.  I can genuinely smile and laugh and for the most part feel pretty normal all the way around.


But on days I do not work, I am anxious, depressed and feel physically unwell.  I mean the difference is dramatic. There is no mistaking the pattern here.  Even if I swear to myself that I am going to get up and get going and do things, it does not happen.  I am ashamed that I cannot seem to make myself be productive and in a better frame of mind, like I am when I am at work.  Also, usually when I come home from work, I get little if anything done.  It seems like that as soon as I come into the house or if I do not leave for work, I become depressed and anxious.  Without fail, if I work Mon., Wed., Fri., I will be fine, but on Tues. and Thurs. I am a depressed slug. 


Does anyone else experience this?  Got any ideas on how I can do better?


Also, just an update, I am doing the milk titration and am reducing be 1cc a day.  This has worked better for me than bigger cuts and holding for longer.  Seems like the w/d s/s are not as intense.  I am currently at 0.095mg of K.  I am reducing every day, even when some days are kind of rough.  So far, in my case, holding does not seem to make the s/s any less.  Do I reduce all the way down to the last cc, or should I jump off sometime before then?





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I am not working now.  I hope to be working again after weaning myself off of Klonopin.  However, I have noticed that when I am busy I tend to have less w/d symptoms.  Staying on the computer (or on the BB web site) helps me out a lot, so I think there is definitely some validity to that.  Hope you're doing well, by the way.



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