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Congratulations! I'm on Day 21 and look forward to being out there. I did 47 days c/t back in April and May, but began "occasional rescue doses" in the last week of May that led to essential reinstatement by mid-June. I was back on Valium from mid-June until September 7, when I jumped off again and "reinstated my c/t." I don't even have the courage to count where I would be if I'd not messed up and gone back on. It would easily be about Day 14, plus or minus... Oh, well, better to start over than just give up, eh?


Again, congratulations. How much Xanax were you taking and how often?


Best wishes,




Me on Day 21 of a "reinstated c/t":  :o

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Congrats to you on being 70 days off and getting more windows, especially after doing a CT!!!  I'm still tapering and am waiting for windows.  I have good days and bad days with my symptoms, but so far I haven't experienced any type of window of being symptom free.  Do the windows start appearing after you are totally off of the benzo, or do some experience it in their tapers. 


I think you are absolutely right, to focus on the positive and not the negative.  I try to do that everyday, but sometimes during the bad sx days it's really hard to do....but I try to focus on something, ANYTHING, positive to get me through those tough days.


Again, congratulations, and best wishes to you!


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