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I screwed up, now I'm a mess


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My textbook got stolen off my desk at school and I had some important papers in it (I'm a teacher) that cannot be replaced. After I realized I was missing the book I had the biggest anxiety attack I've ever had. I'm afraid I will lose my job as my gradebook was inside the text and grades are supposed to be confidential. I'm not handling this well at all. I had it at the beginning of class but when I was finished erasing the board after class let out it was no longer on my desk. I'm really upset and scared I won't be able to sleep for many days now.
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I'm so sorry - I can see why you are upset. :(


Surely someone witnessed it being snatched.  Do you have any students you can ask and who will tell you the truth of what they saw?  There are usually at least 1 or 2 kids of integrity kids in a classroom.


If not, you can always lower the boom on your students until someone confesses.

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