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ok, what's your first thought when you read this?


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22 days since I jumped off the Xanax taper. Went exactly as scheduled, or better, felt a few very mild symptoms in the first week free, and have felt amazing ever since. I have no symptoms at all. I'm listening to music again, getting those goosebumps when I hear a song I love, singing and smiling, my girl loves how I'm alive again, my friends and I are talking and I'm out and about a lot now and really happy with my confidence and social skills... And I haven't looked back once, nearly forgetting the last 4 months even happened.


Please, let me know what you guys think. I'm so alive and happy.... I'm back...

Thanks to this forum and everyone's support.

I'm back....

I owe this place some support, so I've been doing my best to chime in. But

man, not long ago I was up to 4mgs a day, for 4 years...

Could this be?

thank you for reading. I won't take a lot of time cause I know there are a lot more important things going on and I'm hoping to help as much as possible.



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OMG That is amazing!  So happy for you.


It just shows how length of time on drugs doesn´t necessarily mean anything - I was on the goddamn benzos for just under a month and still recovering!


Thanks a lot for letting us know and enjoy your life.


Angel  :) :)

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thank you guys, I am really doing well. I'm going to keep on treking forward. I went through a lot to get here and I'm going to do whatever I can to help out wherever I can. It's that train of thought, "looking forward to good things" that has kept me moving on with the goal in mind. And that was to simply get past the taper and get on with healing.

Two things I failed to mention, I'm smoking cigarettes like crazy (yuck) and I've been slowly getting off the zoloft that I started near the begining of this because I thought it would help. It really may have. 

Still, whatever's going on with me, I will continue to look for good things and totally appreciate and respect the process, cause really, you never know what's going to happen. 

I'm also going to move forward with a shrink, which I have been blowing off for too long. Some after care steps is always good.


Also, a good part of this is, I'm getting a little chubby again from eating everything in sight. My appetite was like, waiting for me. When I would take a Xanax, I started to chow on apples and crackers and peanuts. And always looked forward to chowing down the next meal. I'm a thin man with a really fast metabolism, so eating has always done good things for me.

I did gain some weight and started to probably 3 weeks before my final dose.

Thank you guys again.. You rock! :)     

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You've made some wonderful progress! I'd like to say you might not have to worry about getting hit with a wave, but being precarious, not fearful, is always good. It's great that you're tackling obstacles, and bettering yourself. I wish nothing but the best for you. Please stay in contact and let us know how things are going. Congratulations on being benzo free!
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