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A conference that some of you might be interested in:


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Hello Buddies,


The moderators have given me an "ok" for posting a link to a conference that is going to be held in October.  Each year, the Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation hosts a conference for both professionals, laymen, and just "regular" folks and the topic this year is about Psychiatric disorders...a compassionate Christian response.  There will be a couple of seminars about medications, one of them given by a psychiatrist and the other by a former MD.  I have taken the opportunity to write to the MD, sharing briefly my experience with benzodiazepines.


My husband has attended the conference on a couple of occasions.  This is an excellent group of educators and counselors who seek to bring the compassion of Christ into the whole world, as well as into the church.


The conference link is interesting just to read through, even if you do not think you would be able to attend.  There are many compelling topics and I am sure the lectures/seminars will be available by recording.


~Leena :smitten:

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I have emailed them as well with my story. they are trying to help people and the more information they have the better they will be equipped.

thanks for posting this. :)

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