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xanax 10 years heavy what a waste


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withdrawl symptoms from suicidal thoughts bad at the time did not know it was the withdrawls ,brain zaps heard big booms coming from the ceiling while i was sleeping ,became very antisocial isolated could not organize read learn have a relationship ,muscles twitching in face ,worst was the fear ,not sleeping being agitated i remember 1 time i was so scard i thought my brain was really gone staring at tv all night and couldnt remember a thing i watched  i cried and prayed so hard ,i am still tapering cant wait to get my brain back and get rid of the fear there was nothing wrong with me in the first place even though i insisted there was ,i am now on ativan 2 mgs a day my doc prescribes me weekly because i told him it is easeir to control what i take than getting them all at once every month i run out a day early every week ,tapering is very hard for me but i will do it ,i have lost so much and caused alot of pain being on this stuff,a verse i like is all bad things happen for good in the long run i wish i knew when the is the good things  were to come sure could be alot worse there is always other people out there worse off than i  :sick:
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Hi, Daniel.  When you wrote "the fear is the worst", you really nailed it.  All the rest of the symptoms come and go and slowly decrease over time but fear is something we have to face down every day.  Have you ever heard of the book "Feel the Fear But Do It Anyway"? I got a copy from the library and it really helped me.


I notice that you posted this on the Substitution Tapers board.  Are you considering crossing over to a benzo that is longer acting and tapering from that one?  If so, will your doctor support you doing that do you think?  Most doctors don't seem to know much about the addictive nature of benzos or how hard they are to get off of. Valium/lorazepam has a very long half-life so is supposed to make tapering smoother.  Still, many people taper directly from the benzo they are on (I'm doing that though not from xanax).  Just let us know how we can help support you.

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