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is this a possiblity?


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Hey buddies,


my story is pretty crazy. I have been off benzos for over two years, but have had several set backs in that time. Twice from being put to sleep with propofol (a very strong gaba med) for acl surgeries. However, I fought back. Recently I was feeling relatively stable. I was dependable every day, out and about, and exercising religiously. I must say however I did still notice some symptoms. My vision was really wacky sometimes. Sometimes I could hardly read street signs, or signs in the grocery store - things that normal people wouldnt have any issues with. I also would say I was still having some tinnitus, but over all I had made great progress.


Here is my question..

Last week I had a TINY bit of decaffinated Iced Tea. I read online that decaf doesnt mean caffeine free, and that is still contains some caffeine. Ever since that day I have been a mess - symptoms are all over the place - can hardly get out of bed - D/p and d/r, legs and arms feel wobbly.


Do you guys think that the tiny bit of caffeine I had cause me to flare up? or do you think that this is just another part of the process? I just didn't see this coming because I hadn't felt any of these symptoms for MONTHS. I know ppl say they can get waves really far out, but I just didnt interpret this as a wave - rather as what the caffeine did to me.


Maybe this is part of the process in order to rid myself of those last symtoms. Please let me know what you guys think.



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