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How fast Klonopin w/d given circumstances?


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In July 2006 I started taking 3 mgs Klonopin per day.


By this last March 21st I'd worked my way down to .5 per day.  (Most of the interim I wasn't trying to cut, as I was unaware of the seriousness of being on benzos.)


On March 21 I started drinking alcohol again.  Stopped drinking at the end of last month (April) and was given Serax for alcohol withdrawals.    In the last two weeks I went from a gob of Serax (150 - 180 per day, if not more) to 75 mg per day.


Yesterday my doctor switched me to Klonopin, recommending that I start out at 2 mgs per day. 


She thought that it might be possible for me to work my way back to the .5 I was on on March 21 fairly quickly, since that time wasn't long ago (less than two months).


I want to hear what you guys think, though.    Please help if you can.







Please help if you can.







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I only have a minute, I'm on my way out the door,  but 2 months is plenty of time to build back up a strong dependence.


It would be best if you tapered the klon at aprox the recommended rate of 10% every week or so.


Especially since the rapid reduction of a very high dose of serax may not have fully hit you yet. 



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I became physically dependent in 6 weeks, I would take the least amount you can to feel stablized


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