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PBS documentary on depression


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check your local listings here, by entering your zip on the left side of the page







KQED Analog TV9



KQED Analog TV9: 5/21 9:30pm, 5/24 3am (1:56:46)

Depression is a public health crisis that rivals all other diseases in its burden on society, yet the condition is remarkably under-diagnosed and under-treated. By weaving together the history, science and treatment of depression with intimate portrayals of families and individuals coping with its wide-ranging effects, this documentary will provide a comprehensive portrait of depression never before presented on American television. The 30-minute discussion moderated by Jane Pauley, immediately following the documentary, will bring together a panel of experts and community activists to discuss the issue further.





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This show wasn't on in my area until recently.  It was really well done.  I'm sure it will be re-aired from time to time.
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