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hi all.


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my thread is gone or I cant find it.

I am chipping away at the serq. and valium

no A-d's, just dropped them.

having problems with short term memory...terrible, but bearable.


I am at :

serq  -- Am 60 mg      mid day  25 and  night 220= 305Mg

valium -- 19 mg at night

got a job. will tell you more about it later.

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Hi lynn! Fantastic on the valium!! I'll go get your blog link. I can move it to buddie blogs for you if you want. That's where a lot of us are moving ours. Would you like me to do that? Yours is in buddie space now whic is more of a strictly social and fun stuff blogging area. Let me know if you would like me to do that. 


Missed you. :smitten:

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