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Need help with Klon, Traz, the effects of high-anx on GABA upregulation

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Recently asked p-doc to bounce me back up to 300 mgs traz to deal with noisy, hot, stressful homeless shelter environment. This didn't go so well. The sedation, despite coffee and green tea caps, ran well into the afternoon, as did anticholinergic memory problems. Now back to 200, with my nightly 0.25 Klon (sometimes 0.125, sometimes 0.5 if free-floating and other anxiety is too much), and a hit of 600 mgs Neurontin.


HAve been worried by memory problems, though, and wonder what the effects of my environment and situation might be on my brain. Specifically, this one: has this environment altered neuroadaptation, and how? Always curious about this sort of thing.


Not at all good at organisation/record-keeping. Now might be a fine time to start; history of failure here is an impediment. That, and the memory thing. Ideas welcome.

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