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I am 14 Mths and 3 weeks off C/T and having really severe throat /neck issues , please b4 anyone ask me if I ever had any neck issues prior to benzos the answer is NO, I even had x-rays and nothing showed up at all, never had a neck injury in my life , no back injury , or throat issues ever!!!1 its alll 100% benzo issues . The neck and throat symptoms feels to be increasing every day , throat muscles seem to be tightening up inside my throat, closing in ,feels like my neck is swelling up daily , neck feels so tender in every direction I move it , my back feels tender as well. It truly feels like its the culprit to all the parethesia, like something is weighing down on my nerve endings. All my nerve endings in every part of my body feels so weak , its like I can barely hold my head on my shoulders , like my neck is gng to fall off. My entire body of all my never endings is extremly weak , its so sensative to touch any part off my body now , it triggers everything , its getting so bad that I am having great difficulty in walking , it triggers every symptom in ten folds.I am starting to think its all because of my neck/throat symptoms that could be causing this, it seems the worst the neck symptoms the worst the parethesia, the worst the nerve weakness.
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