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Did I seizure?

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Sorry all I'm posting so much today but I'm having a really rough time.


Last night when I was half asleep I was twitching so much, I could feel my jaw start to move, I couldn't control it, and I couldn't wake up. The next thing I know I'm having these weird audible hallucinations and then I dreamth klonopin was stuffed down my throat which let off this taste/ smell so strong I woke up and had it ALL day.


I forced myself to work. Now Im forcing myself to walk on the treadmill. It was okay being around people today im just so burnt out. I seriously feel like I was yanked off the drug. I haven't been sleeping and now this fear of seizures and what happened last night FIGHTENS me to go to sleep tonight. A woman on BW shared with me that my sxs sounded exactly like the night small seizures she was having, and neuro confirmed she was. She thinks the alcohol could def. give me one cause she worked in an addiction unit.


My doc won't give me a referall, she is on vaca till aug. 1st. I'm losing my mind here. Any suggetsions?

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I don't think so, but you could get an EEG or MRI to see if you have. EEG preferably.


I will tell you what I feel when I seizure.

It feels like the world or everything around you is collapsing in.

Jolts, shocks to the brain, like all of a sudden a wake up..

It's kind of like Alice in Wonderland setting where everything looks too big or small, distortions, and then I just fall to the ground, wake up and it's over.

I have a horrible horrible headache after a seizure, my muscles are sore and there are a few jerks.


That's my experience with a seizure. Sometimes my legs would buckle.


A withdrawal seizure though may be different, I would think that in order to have a tonic clonic (Grand mal) you would have to drop large amounts of the Benzo.


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I had one after I CTd,


it felt like (at the same time)


1: I'd put my finger in a power outlet, all my muscles contracted together


2: couldn't breathe


3: the static sound from a tv full volume inside my head


4: don't know if there were visual distortions, it was dark


5: I was conscious and "aware" through the whole thing






It lasted about 30 seconds.

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I think I seized one time in my sleep, I don't remember anything but I woke up and every muscle was sore in my body, even my feet and my ass-muscles lol. Never happened again though
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