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Anyone have success with liquid Klonopin from a compounding pharmacy?


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I found a pharmacy that will compound the generic form of Klonopin for me.  But I'm just wondering if anyone has used the compounded generic version of Klonopin and has had success coming down off of it?  I guess I'm concerned that the dosage won't be consistent in the compounded form (and I've only used brand not generic pills).  The pharmacist told me that Valium and Ativan come in formulated liquids already and I'm wondering if I should switch to one of the those for the titration instead. I'm currently on .25 twice a day for 18 mths and it's now making me sick (I guess tolerance withdrawal) and I can't imagine handling more symptoms from withdrawal as I am not functioning and homebound because of this nasty drug and haven't even started a taper yet...ugh! The compounded form has .1 mg per 1 ml.  So I have to figure that titration out some how.
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