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afraid to drive

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I am currently stabilizing at 3mg after some major dental work and am feeling awful.  guess it's tolerance.  How can anyone be stable once they reach tolerance to the higher dose which doesn't take long. 


I am barely functional at home but afraid to drive.  I have been to the ER for fluids several times and am afraid I will get dizzy or pass out at the wheel.  Also. bad anxiety.


I would like to go back over to Ashton which I think helps appetite.  The klonopin also screws up my bowels.  Any ideas as to what method is best.  I don't know if the md will let me try aston again; I had to back out for some dental work.  I feel the klonopin is killing me and need to get off it.


Would like to hear experiences with ashton and how to deal with panic and anxiety.  It is getting the best of me.


Any suggestions or opinions appreciated.

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I remember when my doctor took me off the 6mg of K and told me to "suck it up", I could not function AT ALL.  I was bed ridden and went to the emergency room twice.  My son was in the hospital and I went to visit him and got lost driving there.  It was right up the street from where I lived.  Everything around me, as I was driving, would distract me.  I noticed I was driving way below the speed limit but couldnt imagine driving any faster.......  It was horrific.  But I dont think it was the actual K, I think it was because I was c/t'ing off of such a high dose.


My family doctor, the one who put me on the poison, gave me Lor. but it was such a reduction that my CNS was already shocked.  By the time I found a supportive doctor, I already went thru a 75% reduction and decided to take Valium at that equal amount of Lor.  I based my taper on Ashton.  I think for myself it was my best solution.  The half life is longer and I had no problem c/o.  I know people have problems with that but when I think back thru this process, when I was crossing over and stable at the equal dose, I felt better then any other time.


I  would go the route of Valium if your doctor will go for that.  I wish you the best.  It is still tough but I can function 100% better then "back in the day".


Hang in there!!


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