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need help, benzo wise dr in seattle??

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Does anyone know of a doctor in seattle that is benzowise.  I am needing some help.  I took temazepam four about four months ranging from 15 to 75 mg.  I stopped it in four days after having severe shakes and terror panic attacks. (did not know about tapering).  Told psychiatrist I think I was having withdrawal, he said I just had anxiety and put me on 1mg of klonopin.  I started cutting that at end of may by 1/8 every three to four days  ( still did not know about tapering).  Found your website.  I have had serious withdrawals since may. I started titrating after .25  at the end of june.  I am just above .125 (once a day) and can barely make it through the day before my next dose.  I have lost almost twenty pounds in last month and 1/2 (down to 105).  I lay down mostly the entire day.  I had to leave my kids and husband in may to go to my parents and I'm trying so hard to make it through this.  I am considering trying to switch over to valium to help with things, but know sometimes klonopin to valium is not the easiest.  I am desperately trying to hang in there.   
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