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Flacking for Big Pharma


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Thanks, Nicolette


After my non- love affair with Benzos, I have reassessed how I view Doctors, all medications, and my diet. Too many times we are told we need to be taking, this, to cure that. More often than not, the  harm that the drug can cause is much worse than the  condition we supposedly have.


Granted, some medications can save lives, and many do. I believe that the average person can greatly reduce the need for taking most drugs by changing their lifestyle.


The Proper diet,  plenty of excercise, and the right attitude can go along way in keeping us drug free. We have to take time to be silly, and laugh more, and once in awhile act like a kid again.


OK, I'll climb down off my soap box and be quiet (for a little while)









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PJ, I have reassessed my view of doctors too.  I rarely even took aspirin before this all started. I thought I was really cautious about medications by reading the Patient Information sheets, reading the bottles and asking my doctor if he was sure it was O.K. to take for so long. He assured me it was, until it wasn't.


I used to be a very active person and I know I will get there again. Thanks for reminding me about what is important. I can't wait to be done with these benzos.  :)

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You will again be the person that you once were. :)


My doctor, too, was ignorant on how Benzos should be used. Prior to being given a prescription For Benzos, I had never even seen the word before, let alone, have any idea what it could do to the human body.


I wish you the best.




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