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Is it reasonable for me to think I can jump off Klonopin after a month at .125mg? I ask this question looking to the future like this November, right now I am at 1mg/day .25am & .75pm (pill cutting) or should I consider  titration before getting to the .125mg? I do not want to get so unstable that I have to reinstate at a higher dose. My W/D symptoms are manageable now so maybe I am borrowing trouble thinking about it at this time. But I also like to be prepared. Or should I just deal with it this November. At least I feel I am headed in the right direction. Opinions anyone?  
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My advice is to just deal with it in November, Hotchops.  I started out dry cutting but in the back of my mind I figured I could always switch to titration if that became too difficult.  That was enough of a "plan" for me and hope it will be for you, too.
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